Tournament Rules 

1.           The purpose of this tournament is to promote fun, competitive hockey for 7 year olds.  Keep this in mind during the event.

2.           Ontario Minor Hockey Association (OMHA), rules and regulations will apply.

3.           The tournament committee reserves the right to make decisions regarding the interpretation of the rules and all decisions of the committee will be final.

4.           Team officials must present a copy of their roster sheet and travel permit if necessary one hour prior to their first scheduled game.

5.           Team coaches and managers are responsible for the actions of their players both on and off the ice.

6.           Teams are requested to vacate their dressing room as quickly as possible following a game. There are a limited number of dressing rooms available and other teams are waiting to use them. Please keep your dressing room clean.

7.           Teams are expected to bring two sets of sweaters. Home team is to wear their light coloured jerseys. Home and Visitors are designated on the tournament schedule and game sheets.  

8.           All Players must wear CSA approved helmets, facemasks and BNQ neck protectors. Mouth guards are mandatory if required by your parent association OMHA, GTHL etc.

9.           OMHA Regulations -  

10.      Teams must be prepared to go on the ice 15 minutes prior to the scheduled game time if the ice time permits.

11.      All games will consist of (3) 12 minute stop time periods. 1 Time-out (30 sec) per team will be allowed in the Championship games only.

12.      Mercy rule - when a team is ahead by 5 goals, the clock will run straight time. If the goals margin drops below 4, timing will revert back to Stop Time.

13.      A winner must be determined for every game.  Ties cannot stand.  See Rule 14.

14.      In all games ties will be settled by playing overtime with sudden victory in the following manner:

a.            4 minutes - stop time of  4 on 4 play.  If still tied,

b.           3 minutes  - stop time of 3 on 3 play. Face-off at centre.  If still tied, 

c.            2 minutes stop time of 2 on 2.  Face-off at centre.  If still tied,

d.           The clock will be set to 10 minutes, but play will occur 1 on 1 until a goal is scored.  Face-off at centre.

e.            If a penalty occurs in overtime, the offending player will serve their 2 minutes but the opposing team will play with an extra man.  The offending player will be released to the game when the penalty expires.  (eg during 3 on 3 play, team A is given a penalty.  The remainder of the 3 on 3 will be played with 4 skaters for Team B and 3 for Team A.  The 2 on 2 will be played 3 on 2 until the penalty expires etc.  2 on 2 will then continue after the next whistle.)

f.             Goalies may not be pulled during the overtime.

15.      Player of the game awards will be presented to each team at the end of each game.

16.      Trophy presentations shall take place on the ice. Only team players and carded staff will be allowed on the ice for post game presentations. No parents allowed on ice. It is the responsibility of each team to ensure that this rule is strictly adhered to.

17. Have fun and enjoy the tournament!